About Levine Talks

Stephen passed away at home in his bed on January 17th after a long illness. He was 78 years old. His heart has gone to God. His light is left here with us. Thank you for your blessings and love and friendship.

We will continue to provide the website and all of the content for free. We are unsure of whether Ondrea will want to continue to create content without Stephen, but we will add it here if that should ever come about.

Why we run Levine Talks

Having not gone out to teach in some time so as to deepen our inner work and heal our outer bodies, after almost thirty-five years of offering Conscious Living/Conscious Dying workshops around the country our friends at Gizmo have generously manifested this opportunity to hook up with you all through the magic of the internet.

It is quite remarkable to connect with many old and new friends and share our current life journey, insights, meditations and understandings for whatever benefit they may be along the path, around the bends, and up the mountains of this lifelong pilgrimage we all share. -- Stephen and Ondrea Levine


For over thirty-two years, Stephen and Ondrea Levine provided emotional and spiritual support for those who are life-threatened, and for caregivers. Through their healing and forgiveness workshops, many writings, and endless compassion, Stephen and Ondrea have touched the lives of thousands of people all over the world.

They are the authors of numerous books, including Who Dies, Embracing the Beloved, and A Year to Live, among others. Presently living in relative isolation in northern New Mexico, the levinetalks.com website is a way for Stephen and Ondrea to continue their teachings and connect with an outside audience.

The Levine Talks Team

Levine Talks is a collaboration of Stephen & Ondrea Levine & Gizmo Productions

Gizmo Productions is a web development company located in Taos, New Mexico. The partners that make up Gizmo Productions are Max Moulton, Destin Moulton, and Kevyn Gilbert. The team has been together for ten years developing online products.

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Ram Dass Speaks About the Levines

The Levines and Ram Dass have been close friends for years. In this video he speaks about their friendship and teachings.