Stephen Levine Memorial Video

A Loving Tribute to Stephen Levine from Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

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Apologies Page

Anyone can post an anonymous message to the website as a means of forgiveness and freeing one's self of unhealthy guilt.

Ondrea will be taking some time off from moderating the Apology page while she mourns the loss of Stephen. Please continue to practice forgiveness and send compassion to one another.

Free Soft Belly Meditation Audio

Ondrea would like to offer this Soft Belly Meditation free to all as a gift during these unusual times. 

Animal Sutras - A new book from Stephen Levine

For Stephen, “animal-people” were his greatest teachers. So, at age seventy, he began collecting animal spirit stories and transcendent moments in nature from throughout his life?from the green snake who taught him to meditate as a boy to the generous hen whom predators would not harm, and many more. “Animals have a natural mindfulness,” Levine writes. “They know what they are doing. Humans, who are full of confusion and seldom wholly in touch with their mind/body, need encouragement and technique to live in the present.”

See the Publishers Weekly review here >

Ondrea Levine's new book

Becoming Kaun Yin by Stephen Levine


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