Stephen has passed away

Stephen passed away at home in his bed on January 17th after a long illness. He was 78 years old. His heart has gone to God. His light is left here with us. Thank you for your blessings and love and friendship.Namaste

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Anyone can post an anonymous message to the website as a means of forgiveness and freeing one's self of unhealthy guilt.

Ondrea will be taking some time off from moderating the Apology page while she mourns the loss of Stephen. Please continue to practice forgiveness and send compassion to one another.


Growing old I love the quiet that used to disturb me. I have distance on my life. The boast and pity of self-regard have fallen somewhat behind. Heading home, the home I carry with me, I settle into the clouds. On the mountain I sit quietly in a sage meadow visited by the same bees that make lovers of flowering bushes. I become part of the golden comb hidden in the hive humming with delight.

by Stephen Levine, from Inquiring Mind, Fall 2010

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